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About Sat Nam Retreats

The Retreats are offered all year round, and they can be as short as two days, mostly on Weekends, or as long as a week or two or even a month.
Sat Nam offers Weekend Wellnes/Yoga Retreats which are the most popular. Call for more info.
However, You are welcome to come and take a Wellness Retreat at any time during the week or on the weekends. However, during the summer months, the Weekend Wellness Retreats have a theme and usually get fully booked.
ONE-DAY-TREATS at the SPA: Packages range from $175 basic to $345 deluxe per person. You can choose a combination Yoga Class and Rain-Drop Massage , Floating Spa Session and Jacuzzi  Bath Soak as well as use of our facilities and beautiful grounds & pool. THERE IS $ 95 FACILITY USE CHARGE AND INCLUDES THE MEAL.
To make a reservation please call 845-866-3063 and ask for Marilyn.

Wellness/Yoga Weekend Retreats are scheduled for 2 to 6 individuals at a time with the arrival on Friday afternoon or evening if possible. These are guided retreats and you can register here. The Retreat at $699 per person iincludes one 1h Rain Drop Massage, 1.5h FLOAT and one Jacuzzi Soak Bath with Essential Oils and Salt Scrub. If you are coming alone and no one else is booked here for the Retreat you will have your own private retreat for a surcharge fee of $200. You are encouraged to bring a friend or two and earn a great discount - $25 for one, - $50 for two friends, and $75 for three,. So bring friends and SAVE!!
Guests are invited to stay in clean and comfortable accommodations, enjoy organic vegetarian meals, use all property facilities, including the swiming pool and bikes, learn to meditate, experience Floating Therapy, practice Yoga, get a private session or participate in scheduled classes and events. In addition to your accommodations and use of facilities, our all-inclusive retreat offers:

Reserve a Retreat Visit

Retreat rates include accommodations, yoga classes, facility use, vegetarian meals, and special free events (if they are offered at the time of your visit).
When you are a returning customer you will get $50 OFF when you come back first time and $100 OFF when you come back the second time!!!

This offer cannot be combined with any other offers.

Since our retreats are small and private, advanced reservation is A MUST!
To reserve your visit, simply contact us or call 845-866-3063 to book your visit, then go to the Payments page to make a payment.
$699 plus 6% tax per person Weekend Yoga/Wellness Retreat
$1350 plus 6% tax -Couples discount - SAVE $50: Weekend Retreat for two
$200 plus 6% tax DEPOSIT is required upon reservation (we will bill you for the rest upon your arrival).
SPECIAL OFFER! Bring a friend and get $25 off or $50 off for two guests, or $75 for three friends.
If you cannot afford our prices, you can participate in our Seva, also known as Karma Yoga (Selfless Service/Work) Programs or if possible we will barter, so do not hesitate to call us - Tel: 845-866-3063.
Click here for the Payments page, to either leave a deposit OR pay for your stay in full

Cancellation Policy
In the unfortunate event that you must cancel your stay, please let us know 7 days in advance to receive full refund of your deposit except $50 administrative fees. Cancellations made less than 7 days in advance, will result in loosing the deposit during May to September. Other times you can use your deposit toward your next stay with the exception of $50 administravive fees.

Special Retreat Events

When you visit us for a retreat you are welcome to participate in special events if they are offered during the time of your stay. To see what events are currently being offered, please visit our events page.