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Next Generation Yoga
Classes for KIDS

Using the Art & Science of Kundalini Yoga, Playful Exercises, Meditation
and Conscious Breath to Help Them be Happy, Creative and Peaceful.
Yoga Brings out the Best in our Kids.

WHEN: 5 Saturdays - Nov. 12 to Dec. 10, 2016
WHERE: Sat Nam Center
              at Mother Divine Foundation
TIME: ages 3-7: 2 - 2:45 pm; ages 8-12: 3 - 4 pm
COST: $40 pre-registered; $50 at the door


Are you ready to help our children and grandchildren to be more relaxed, more creative, healthy and deeper into their authentic self? Yoga helps kids to:

  1. Develop body awareness.
  2. Learn how to use their bodies in a healthy way.
  3. Manage stress through breathing, awareness, meditation and healthy movement.
  4. Build concentration.
  5. Increase their confidence and positive self-image.
  6. Feel part of a healthy, non-competitive group.
Kids Yoga Classes will include:
Breathing exercises can energize kids or encourage relaxation, depending on what you teach. Different games and techniques help kids connect to how their bodies feel as a result of deep breathing. Focus increases, as does their breathing and lung capacity. Stress is naturally reduced and healthy hormones are released. It's great for kids to be strong, but a body that's only based on strength has no way to yield under pressure.

Flowing, connecting and integrating

Meditation and relaxation

Yoga is meditative by nature. So whether a child is holding a balancing posture, meditating in a sitting posture or moving through a series of poses, there's going to be a calming, soothing quality.

Register by Nov. 10th Noon & SAVE $10



Discover the Power of Invincible Woman within YOU.
for the 21st Century
as taught by Yogi Bhajan

"That is the beauty of a woman. The center of creation. Woman is the center of Infinity. She is the only reality the Earth knows. That's the only reality the heaven blesses."
~ Yogi Bhajan

WHEN: Five Saturdays - 6hour Workshops
DATES: July 9, 23, 30 and Aug 13, 27
WHERE: Sat Nam Center at Mother Divine Foundation
TIME: 10am - 5pm with LUNCH 1-2pm
Bring your own lunch. We eat together.
Tea, coffee provided.


Register for a Workshop - $50

WORKSHOP 1 - Identity of a Woman (July 9th)
Who are We??
How different are we??
Infinity & Divinity
Projection, 16 tracks

When you truly know yourself and you understand the gifts that the Creator bestowed on you, your life is focused, full of Grace, Ease and Fun. You live with integrity and purpose. The Universe lines up with your intention and commitment. Your pain and anxiety disappears. You live a happy, pain-free life!

WORKSHOP 2 – Relationships and Polarities (July 23)

Male Polarity-Female Polarity in straight or gay relationships.
Conscious Communication
Authentic Relationships

"The whole life of a male is circulatory around a female. There is nothing else. It's by nature. A Woman is a vessel, a container. The Universe is contained in you." - YB

WORKSHOP 3 - Woman as a Mother (July 30)
Every Woman by nature is a mother, even if she never had her own children. You don't have to be a Mother to benefit from this.
Conscious Pregnancy - 120 days & 40 days
Raising Children own or others (grandchildren, nephews and nieces)
First Teacher
Relationship with Children
-their purity and innocence
"If you want to give your son or your daughter strength, the only thing you can give them is your experience as divine. They can look to you as divine—the feeling, the urge, the reality." YB - 7/31/84
A mother's duty is to give her child Excellence, Mental Temperament and teach Responsibility. If you want to do that, you must start with Conscious Pregnancy.

WORKSHOP 4 - Power of Invincible Woman (Aug. 13)
The Inner Work
Identity & Divinity
Attitude and Altitude

Transforming from Chick to Eagle using the Kundalini Yoga Technology. "What is Kundalini actually? It is your creative potential. You experience it when the energy of the glandular system combines with the energy of the nervous system to create such a sensitivity thatthe totality of the brain receives signals and integrates them. Then you become totally and wholly aware, and your creative potential becomes available to you." - YB

WORKSHOP 5 - Create Heaven on Earth - The Happy and Fulfilling Life you always wanted. (Aug. 27th)
Experience your Power as a Woman !!

Power of Communication
Living your Truth
The Time is Now

"Adi Shakti Namo Namo. That's what you are: the primal nucleus power with absolutely no deficiency; complete and perfect and positive; one who can create another human being out of her. She can bring God on Earth, she can bring a saint, and she can bring heavens, and she can build a house with a needle which man cannot build with millions of dollars and with all his vigilance. When you are corrupt, you are terribly corrupt. When you are not, you are the most powerful individual psyche on the planet." - YB 7/12/89

Every week we learn a different aspect, a different layer of what it means to be a Woman. In the final session we put it all together to see where our power lies. We learn where our challenges are and what we have to do to overcome them. The Course has some lecture time and sessions with Yogi Bhajan but most of the time we spend together is not in talks but experiencing, absorbing the wisdom and sharing through art, chanting and interactive exercises. Hands on problems - children, insomnia, anxiety, sadness, emotional burn-out, relationships - etc. will be addressed, so you can live your life with joy, lightness of being, harmony and love.


Come and experience the limitless power
of the Drum (and Gong).
WHEN: Sunday, October 5, 2014

WHERE: at Sat Nam Yoga Spa

TIME: 10:30am to 1:30pm

COST: $35 pre-register, $45 at the door

Register for Workshop $35

PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!
This workshop will focus on deepening our connection to the power of sound and rhythm. By using the combination of world percussion instruments with meditation, yoga, and dance, we will expand and liberate our creative life force energy.

Workshop Outline:

* Introduction to the various instruments
* Guided sound meditation to open up body awareness,
   with time for journaling and creative drawing
* Yoga and dance movement accompanied by live drumming
* Integration and closing

You can mail a check or pay with cash at the door or pay via Pay Pal on our Website.

Please bring your bagged lunch and afterwards we will sit together outside, if the weather is nice or inside and eat, talk, share and ask questions.

Looking forward to hosting you here at Sat Nam Yoga Spa.
If you would like to schedule a massage or a floatation session or have any questions please call for an appointment 845-866-3063.


Amy Jeanette  is a certified Sivananda yoga instructor and Shiva Rae trance dance instructor. With  a M.A. in expressive art therapies she has vast experience leading groups and individuals in the process of self exploration via the creative arts.  She also is a rose alchemy therapist and a Karuna and Usui reiki master.

Amy Jeanette








Chuck Wood is a multi percussionist from northwest New Jersey with more than 30 years of experience as a musician. For the last 10 years he has been traveling the country accompanying yoga classes and various forms of dance with percussion.

He is also a recording artist and can be seen performing with his current world music project, Dhamaru.

To learn more about Chuck and hear samples of his music go to:

Chuck Wood


Organ Cleansing

WHEN: Saturday, May 24, 2014

WHERE: at Sat Nam Yoga Spa

TIME: 10am to 1pm

COST: $35 pre-register, $50 at door

The course is taught by Olga Mares.
Read more about it below, please scroll down.

Register for $35

Organ Cleansing Qi Gong or Zang Fu Gong

Zang Fu Gong is a Qi Gong set, where movements flow one into another. It is aimed at energetic cleansing of the internal organs, followed by emotional release, physical purging and clarity of the mind. According to Chinese and Classical Chinese medicine, our internal organs store energy that is specific only to this or that organ. For example, energetic imprint of the Lung energy is “Joy”. Its opposite energy is “Grief”. It can harm us if we allow it to stay for a long time. Grief is a normal and sometimes necessary emotion and energy where appropriate and tears are absolutely healing during that moment. We need to feel grief as a healing reaction to life situations. When we feel grief for an abnormally long period of time and still are sad about an event that might have happened years ago, we can say that this is an example of “stored emotion of grief”. This kind of energy can harm us in a way that immune system will be compromised and lack of movement in the energy body of the lungs will result in feeling of weakness, not wanting to breathe deeply, inability to let go of just anything in life. Eventually all kinds of stagnation in the body bring dis-ease. This Qi Gong set is absolutely wonderful to release all kinds of stored emotions, like excessive worry and over thinking, anxiety, excessive fear and paranoia, excessive or uncontrollable anger and irritation and prolonged grief. It cleanses and strengthens heart, lungs, spleen, pancreas, stomach, liver, gallbladder, kidneys, bladder, nervous system, brain, digestive system, specifically addressing the health of intestines. It helps to cleanse all energy meridians in the body and release that which no longer serves our highest good. The flowing movements of this QiGong set allows to go deep into meditative state while moving gently, like in a water, refreshing our mind and opening our hearts. This Qi Gong can be done in 10 minutes or it can be a long practice for maximum benefit. This practice is on a DVD “Qi Gong for Cleansing” by Daisy Lee and Francesco Garripoli. 

Seon Academy & Second Life Institute will hold a one-day -WORKSHOP
at Sat Nam Yoga Spa
on Saturday, Sept 7, 9am to 6pm

Cost : $225 Workshop includes a Certificate and lunch.
Click here to read more information about the Workshop
Taught by Master Say Sheppard (bio)

Register right BELOW for the Workshop (includes food and certificate). Also, you can register here for the Weekend Retreat & Workshop.

by Tosha Silver via Saniye ::  
March 11th, 2013
Revelation and Rebirth

"As I write, the energy of Pisces is stronger than it's been in over a century. The next 36 hours bring the most potent concentration possible of the intuitive, creative, vulnerable--and profoundly transformative--energy of the most mysterious zone in the Cosmos. 

A very intense process of clearing and cleansing is occurring at the depths of our beings. Far beneath our conscious minds, a great force is at work. It's targeting our hearts and our souls, our dreams and our imaginations. 

We’ve confronted the ghosts of who we have been. We've rediscovered what we have lost. We’ve probably felt our helplessness and also opened our hearts on a level we may have never before experienced.

Tomorrow, the Great Mystery brings seed energy to Earth. It will arrive at the same moment, in the inner cosmos of every living being on Earth. At 3:51 p.m. in the U.S. Eastern time zone, the Sun and the Moon align in the same degree of the sky. 

The energy of this Pisces New Moon is as potent as it gets: it’s the energy of revelation and rebirth at the deepest dimensions of our being.

Make space over the next 24 hours to consciously release all that is outworn in you. You know how to do this. In whatever way is most authentic, let go. Let go of all you are clinging to. Let go of trying. Let go of forcing. If you can let yourself be empty, a single moment is enough. 

Open yourself as deeply as you can to Life. Let the heart of the Cosmos inspire you with new revelation. Let your spirit be reborn.

It’s hard to overstate the importance of this moment.

Almost immediately after the New Moon, the energy will begin to shift. Twelve hours later, Mars the Warrior will be the first to enter Aries, the sign that begins the world anew, the sign where he is strongest. A week from today, Mercury concludes his three-week vision quest. The Vernal Equinox follows three days later. By the end of this month, first Mars and then Uranus will have merged their energies with the Sun’s. The three fieriest planets in the solar system are all coming together in the most fiery sign in the Cosmos. 

All that fire can bring breakthrough and creativity." Star Sister Astrology

Om Namah Shivaya


starts with 6pm Yoga Class
on Monday, Dec 31st
followed by
Pot Luck Dinner and
Meditation & Chanting Program
starting 10pm to 12:30am

New Years Day Yoga Class at 4pm

Meditation,Yoga and Chanting Program $20
Class at 6pm $15

To register for the Program please contact Marilyn at or
call 845-866-3063 as soon as possible.
Space is limited.


THURSDAY, Dec 20th
6:15pm - Chant of OM and then Om Namah Shivaya with Gurumayi,
6:45pm - Session with very powerful yet gentle Guest Teacher, Roar from Seon Well-Being Academy,  learning  Danjeon Breathing (Deep Abdominal Breath) from the East and Mind Study & Exploration Workshop till 9PM. It’s a FREE EVENT, hear-felt donation suggested.
9-10PM -

10PM-1AM -
Prelude to the Solstice Program starts with Yoga, Lecture, Chanting & Meditation.

FRIDAY, Dec 21st
6AM-9-9:30AM on - Our Winter Solstice Program (WS occurs at 7:11am EST)  starts with Morning Sadhana, Meditation, Prayers and Chanting the Names of God, which will be followed by Nature Walk Meditation outside.  The morning session will end at 9-9:30am.
Evening Yoga Class will be at 5:30pm and Winter Solstice Night Program will start at 9PM on Friday, Dec 21st,  with a Bon Fire (outside or inside, depending on weather), Fire offerings and prayers, followed by Meditation, Lecture, Yoga and Chanting …to 12:30AM
PROGRAM COST for Local People: $60 for All Three Sessions
from 10pm to 1am and 6:30am to 9am and 9pm to 12:30am.
ONE Session - $30, TWO Sessions - $45
For Retreat Guests these programs are included in the cost of retreat.
Saturday, Dec 22nd
,  there is 12 Noon Yoga Class with Meditation and Chanting (Free, by donation offering) followed by 2PM Pot Luck Lunch. Please, bring healthy, light, and high energy food to share. Call me if you have questions about what that is.


through ASTROLOGY &
with Rich
Kiskiel from CT

TIME - 10am - 12:30pm, doors open at 9:30am
LUNCH-Bring-your-Own-12:30-1:30pm-stay for talk and Q&A with Rich

You will learn about the Shadow Core Issue, your Primary Fear, how you judge yourself. Also, you will learn how to see issues manifesting in your daily life and how do you project your issues onto others; how to have relationships that are of equality & respect and how to rise above the level of your emotional wounds, so they cannot exist. You will also get a print-out of your own chart by Rich.

More about Rich Kiskiel                       

Register for this event

Total Cost:
$35 - pre-registered, $45 after the cut-off date.
$65 - pre-registered, $80 after the cut-off date.


HEALING with SOUND WORKSHOP with Sarah from Canada
and Ian from Westport, CT

Saturday, May 12, 2012
workshop 2 - 5pm
doors open at 1pm
lunch optional 1:30-2pm, must be reserved in advance

Two great guest teachers coming to Sat Nam Yoga Spa to share an experience with us, Healing through Sound. Through Music and Sound to Inner Silence. It helps you to stay silent in the hustle and stress of your daily life. It is surprising to see your conflicts being resolved through this inner state. It is a great Event to bring your Mother or your Partner to for healing & bonding.

More about Sarah Calvert                            More about Ian Appleby

Register for this event

Total Cost:
$40 - pre-registered, $50 at the door (single).
$60 - pre-registered, $75 at door (two people)

$10 - lunch

Pre-registration closes on Thursday, May 10th, in the late evening. If you have any questions, or need more info, please contact
Marilyn at


Saturday, Sept 17, 2011
2 to 5:30 pm


Healing your relationships and your life through understanding the universal laws of karma & incarnation

"Become a clear expression of unconditional Love at all times. Live in harmony with the Universal Spiritual Laws of Karma and Incarnation ” - Charles Richards, PhD.

This program, facilitated by Marilyn, has been designed for anyone who wants to embark on a journey of personal transformation. Through the Science and Technology of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Pranayam and by listening to the Lecture/Techings (parts of it) by Charles Richards as well as interactive exercise and sharing,  we will experience deep transformation and a shift in our understanding and in our consciousness.  We will be able to co-work and co-create with God more successfully in our daily lives and become more and more God-like beings, which is the true longing of our Soul.

Understanding Karma  and the Law of Karma will allow you to take control of your life and become a conscious cause of future events and circumstances.
True change happens only when you get to the source of your fears, blocks, loves and hates.

What is included in the workshop?

  • Printed material  including the Kriyas and the Meditations.
  • Kundalini Yoga Asanas and Meditations for clearing and healing Karmas.
  • Breathing Techniques for Karma and Past Lives
  • Life Coaching Techniques to move forward with power and clarity.
  • Sharing Personal Stories.
  • Listening to Lecture and CD’s with the entire lecture by Doctor Charles Richards.
  • Tools to effectively transform your life
  • Explore the needs for change in you and your life to encompass what you have just learned.
  • Sharing resources for more information about Karma and  Incarnations.

Register for this event

Cost: $35 only, if pre-registred.
The day of $45.

  ▪ Full Lunch served at 1pm  - $15 - reservation required  
  ▪ Stay overnight Saturday Night – reservation required
      either bring your own sheets and towel - $45
     or without your own - $65

If you have any questions, or need more info, please contact
Marilyn at